23 Oct 2015

Call for papers for Strategic Change - Digital Business Models: implementation, internationalization and impact

The journal Strategic Change (2* ABS 2015) will publish a special issue on Digital Business Models. I am part of the editorial team of this issue, which is also composed by Oscar F. Bustinza, Glenn Parry and Emanuel Gomes. Below you have the academic rationale of the call for papers.

Business models provide the rationale for how an organisation creates, delivers, and captures value, and as such, are seen as the route to competitiveness, growth and profitability (Vendrell-Herrero et al., 2014). The possibilities for bundling resources into capabilities through its underlying business models have been fuelled with the appearance of the new internet and digital technology led economy (Amit and Zott, 2001). The nature of those technologies has changed the way economic agents produce, interact and commercialize their offerings (Teece, 2010), leading to novel digitalized product-services business models (Myrthianos et al., 2014). The impact of digitization on businesses and society is broad, but challenging to assess empirically.

Digital business models have been implemented in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, hardware, retailing, publishing or broadcasting. Some companies have achieved tremendous success developing, implementing and internationalizing these technology-enabled business models affecting local and global value chains (Pogrebnyakov and Kristensen, 2011). An example of this transformation is the case of Uber who developed a novel taxi booking system. The Uber application can be used by both licensed and unlicensed cabs, dramatically increasing the competition in the industry and considerably affecting the ability of incumbents to appropriate value (Sharman, 2015). Another example is the eruption of big data which is impacting global production processes and the relationships between businesses and consumers (Opresnik and Taisch, 2015).

The essence of this Special Issue is to explore, develop and disseminate for exploitation a multi-level and dynamic approach to understanding digital business model implementation, internationalization and impact. This special issue of Strategic Change calls for papers that illuminate the digital business models that are deployed and implemented by firms and provide assessment of their impact. To date, the literature has analysed these processes separately and there is a need for more integrative frameworks, which may include theoretical and empirical approaches. Moreover, the special issue seeks to capture work on the impact of digital business model implementation on overall performance, prospects of internationalization, supply chain readjustment, value network dominance, and global production processes.

Papers are invited from academics and business professionals that contribute to our increased understanding of digital business models. The Guest Editors seek submissions with an original perspective, showing advanced thinking on the topics proposed above and related issues. All works submitted must be relevant to practitioners and should contain a separate section on managerial implications. Novel and original papers with novel theoretical frameworks and with empirical grounding should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Comprehensive state-of-the-art reviews that present an integrated view of digital business models. Manuscripts should specifically identify potential research avenues.
  • Proposals of novel theoretical frameworks for assessing and monitoring the development and implementation of digital business models.
  • Analysis on how digital technologies enable internationalization processes.
  • Analysis of the role of strategic alliances and joint ventures in transforming existing business models.
  • Economic assessment of the impact of digital business model implementation in firm performance.
  • Real-world studies analysing cases in which social networks or big data is used to enhance firm competitiveness.
  • Analysis of how digital technologies transform manufacturing and global value chains.
  • The effect new entrants implementing digital business models have on supply chain structures and their value network dominance.

The last submission date for papers to the call will be the 30th November 2016

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